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The search for #Rizonesoft #freeware is over. No more waiting for us to finish updates and posting links. Below must be the most complete list of #download locations for Rizonesoft #software. Hope you all like it and please do not hesitate to let us know if we missed anything. You can connect with us here on #Palfarm, share your suggestions and tell us about any bugs you find or problems you experience. We would like to thank http://download.cnet.com and http://www.softpedia.com for #hosting these downloads and also mention the great service https://bitly.com provides for shortening links.

3D Box Creator | http://bit.ly/1ekuilW
BIOS Beep Codes | http://bit.ly/1lF6r5F
BIOS Beep Codes (Mirror) | http://cnet.co/PP419x
Beep Codes Viewer | http://bit.ly/PD9Uqx
Complete Internet Repair | http://bit.ly/OphaVP
Complete Internet Repair | http://cnet.co/1lF6ONA
CD-DVD icon repair | http://bit.ly/1gBtPfh
DVD Repair | http://cnet.co/PDdOj5
CRPoint | http://bit.ly/1e3XVgL
CRPoint (Mirror) | http://cnet.co/1e3Z9IM
Doors Console | http://bit.ly/1jSV6PH
Doors Memory Management System | http://bit.ly/1hwfYXL
Doors Memory Management System | http://cnet.co/1lJVHFI
File Checker | http://bit.ly/1e5ChJk
Firemin | http://bit.ly/1jSUkSK
Firemin | http://cnet.co/1oFy0AD
Internet Recovery KIT | http://bit.ly/1inQbTN
Malware Cleaner | http://bit.ly/1lJRLEV
MD5 Checksum Calculator | http://bit.ly/1qdEbcn
MD5 Checksum Calculator | http://cnet.co/1hjU3J1
Memory Booster | http://bit.ly/1qbtpkW
Memory Booster (Mirror) | http://cnet.co/1fZpX8o
Ownership | http://bit.ly/1fUcaU4
Pixel Repair | http://bit.ly/1h5PHUP
Pixel Repair (Mirror) | http://cnet.co/1hS3wpE
Power Tools | http://bit.ly/1jmYUrm
Quick Erase | http://bit.ly/QV9gFS
Security Restore | http://bit.ly/1hjSpai
Security Restore (Mirror) | http://cnet.co/1lJVySM
Setup Sources | http://bit.ly/1oFx7ba
UUID Generator | http://bit.ly/1inP6eO
Virus Cleaner RC1 | http://bit.ly/1lF7gLX
Verbum Alpha 3 | http://bit.ly/1e5w7c4
Winsock Repair | http://bit.ly/1hjSwTt
It is time we bring all our freeware and accomplishments together on one page and what better place to do this than right here on #Palfarm. There has been #Rizonetech, #Rizone3, #Datumza and #Petrichorpost. Due to circumstances outside of our control, we failed to build trust with our supporters and managed to alienate many fans. We will not be attempting to correct our mistakes, but will be looking to the future and try not to make the same. Here on Palfarm we can provide proper support through the messaging system and truly connect with our supporters. We will try and make it easier for everyone to find our #freeware and connect with us. No more excuses and no more moving. The reason we are moving away from the #WordPress platform is simple, spamming has become a huge problem and even with a proper anti spamming solution, we are still getting over 2000 spam comments per day. Our email inbox is filled with over 3500 emails per day and just to manage all of that is a full time job on its own. We started #Rizonesoft because we #love programming, but lately all we do is work on hour blog and never seem to have the time to update our freeware or create something new. Hopefully now we will be able to get around to create better #software for all. To all our loyal supporters, thank you for not complaining each time we remove or move something. You stuck with us through all the unnecessary changes and for that we will be eternally thankful.
Welcome to the #Official #Rizonesoft #Palfarm profile. Thank you for visiting us and please do not hesitate to leave a message with your inquiries. #Palfarm will be our official support profile from now on. We made this move because of all the inbox spam we received from our contact form. All the spam is making it difficult to reach reach our true supporters, hopefully this will be the solution we need. We chose #Palfarm, because its clean and easy to use.